Easy Handmade Stocking Tutorial

Last year was my daughter’s first Christmas, and because I had not actually sewn or made much for her – which, believe me, I cannot believe?! what happened, I was so excited – I wanted to at least make her a stocking. It was really easy, and last year I wrote up a quick tutorial I’d posted on an older blog (that, to be honest, I never really used). I’ve reproduced it here, so if you’re interested, here’s a quick how-to!

better stocking graphic
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DIY Lunch Wrap

DIY Lunch Wrap
Finished Product! – Photo by me

A lot of people are intimidated by a sewing machine, or even the thought of sewing, but as someone who is basically self-taught, I can tell you that it really is easier than it seems! The fancy, more complicated machines might have something of a learning curve, but for very simple projects with just straight stitches on a nice woven fabric, I think just about anyone can pick it up! If you’re looking for an easy project, here’s a really fun, really quick tutorial for a practical little lunch wrap! Note: This is a beginner project, but it does assume some very basic knowledge of sewing/your sewing machine. You’ll need to be able to thread the machine as well as stitch with it. I’ll cover the very basics in another blog post soon!

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