Fun Printable Worksheets For Back-to-School

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

It’s back to school time at last! For a lot of parents this is a time of bittersweet feelings: regret over having to send your sweet little one away, and maybe a little bit of relief to have some more time to yourself (don’t worry, parents, no one is judging you).

Education is one of my hot button issues. It has always been very important to me, and since I became a parent it’s a big focus of mine more than ever. My little one is still a toddler, but I love teaching her colors, shapes, animals – whatever we’re doing, I like to take the time to try to inject a little learning. Kids are learning all the time! It’s amazing how much they pick up just from interacting with the world around them. Brain development happens the most rapidly during those precious early years, so it’s important to nurture that.

I’m also a big supporter of learning incorporated into play. After all, children have a right to play! It seems that so much focus is put on results and metrics, and a lot can get lost in that approach. Let’s keep learning fun! I firmly believe you can make education and learning a priority in your home for your kids without crossing into “work.” So today, for any parents interested in keeping kids engaged and ready for school, I’m partnering with to bring you some fun activity sheets!

What’s more fun than animals! Let’s match words and animals in this fun Matching with Image Animal activity. Check out for more exciting word recognition activities like this one!

For kids who can read, they can do the work on their own! Or, a parent can read the name of the animal and the child can point to the right picture! Download the worksheet and answer key below:

If you’re interested, has free printable worksheets, online games, and even lesson plans from preschool to 5th grade. It’s a great resource for parents and educators!

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